About Will

“I want to embrace the essential of the life and the beauty of the world”

Graduated in economics, after several years of corporate experience, he decided to stop and follow his passions: arts and nature.

He starts travelling the world visiting different places where he met artists, biologists, agricultures and shamans, thanks to them, he discover his artistic vein and began a new path.

His art has a development through abstract and figurative, where he expresses his own been and his protest to the status quo, either social (as a system) than spiritual, all the emotions must be felt and expressed by an artwork, and have to touch the soul’s string of the observer, to get back to the essentials of the human been.

In the physical art the materials used are mixed and goes through acrylic, oil, crayons, golden leaves, etc. In digital the same techniques are replicated.

He exhibits for the first time at Navigli Ex Fornace (Milan), after that he starts exhibiting at Art Mall Gallery in center of Milan, The 100 (Paris) , Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan) and Art&Luxury Private Gallery(Milan).

He collaborates with galleries, artists, designer, stylist and food/drink brands to promote talents and approach to market. Lives and creates between Milan, Amsterdam and Paris.

Will Paucar

My concept of art is simple: in the moment that I have a perception in my been, a pure positive or negative vibe or just a shade of it, I leave my creativity to shape it and give it a voice, the mean have to exalt the concept. The art vibrates the viewer’s soul and brings the imbalance of the status quo (of mind and reality)

We forgot what we are, it’s time to feeling again ourselves to tune with the nature through arts, that have the power to renew the essence of the human soul.

Will Paucar

Contemporary artist

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