About Will

“I want to embrace the essential of the life and the truth of the world”


After taking a more conventional path in the financier world, Will Paucar begins to feel the need for change, that life is narrow to him.Driven by an impulse whose cause he does not yet know and aware that he has a receptive sensibility, he travels around the world where he meets shamans, artists and naturists and thus finds himself experimenting and getting to know different ways of communication, still unaware that he will find art along the way.

His first steps in painting happen very naturally, he began in Milan, then Amsterdam and Paris, after his first exhibitions he returned to Milan with an artist residency at the Fabbrica del Vapore.Paucar’s creative process begins with his great ability to take in all those emotional details that nature, people and feelings, call to his attention. He deconstructs them by immersing himself in them, as if he should know every detail, analyzes them and listens to them until his sensitivity arrives at the essence of the concept that he wants to make visible in his works and that goes to define the title of the series. At this point, the figurative abstraction of the subjects or images that Paucar has recomposed in his mind begins to take shape, and what ensues is the realization of a visual narrative, in which each work tells characteristics and perspectives of the same concept. As in a book, each work in the series is a chapter, and when the artist’s emotional rush runs out, the tale is finished and the series completed. Color, palette knife, hands, oil, and acrylic are the means by which Will Paucar tells what emotions stir in him, by which he feels he shows what art allows him to discover.


Will Paucar’s work explores the artistic avenues that figurative art has at its disposal, moving from series in which the subjects depicted are created by gestures of an expressionist nature,  modulated by the guidance of his inner chaos and distorted by the instinctive and impetuous use of color, sometimes textural, to series in which painterly vehemence subsides, leaving room for placid figures that allow for the discovery and understanding of what exists beyond chaos. Following this second filon of research, Paucar tries to overcome chaos, going beyond the representation of the single concept, and finds all those emotional factors and details, which have helped to move his sensibility, in a state of order and stillness, confluenced all in one essence.

The last works, are the result of a personal journey that leads Will Paucar to placate artistic impulsiveness and transform it into a more controlled stroke, in the use of solid colors and the creation of a similar expression of the subjects, devoid of fisionomic characteristics to facilitate the definition of the soul and spirituality that unites them. 

He lives and works between Milan, Amsterdam and Paris.

Livia Ruberti (Art Advisor/Curator)


2023 Sweet Junk project for Rockfeller foundation

2021 Lekoru Project – Nominee- Milan, Italy

2020 Art Battle – Nominee- Milan, Italy

Solo Exhibition

2024 Timeless/ Galleria San Babila – Milan, Italy

2022 Ritual (Milan Design Week 2022) / Art Mall Milano – Milan, Italy

2021 Solo Exhibit / La Fabbrica del Vapore – Milan, Italy

2021 Reset / Art & Luxury Private Gallery – Milan, Italy

Collective Exhibition

2024(April-November) SIX in Venice, Ruzzini Palace, Venice Italy

2024 Vernissage Rome 2024, Los Angeles, U.S.

2024 Sanremo Art Show, San Remo, Italy

2024 SIX group exhibition, Milan, Italy

2023 ARTMUC / MTC world of fashion GmbH – Münich, Germany

2021 Ecstasy / Art & Luxury Private Gallery – Milan, Italy

2019 ARTISTI IN MOSTRA 2 / Navigli Ex Fornace – Milan, Italy


2021 La Fabbrica del Vapore – Milan, Italy

2020 The 100 – Paris, France

Permanent Collection

2022 Art & Luxury Collection, Milan, Italy

Will Paucar

My concept of art is simple: in the moment that I have a perception in my been, a pure positive or negative vibe or just a shade of it, I leave my creativity to shape it and give it a voice, the mean have to exalt the concept. The art vibrates the viewer’s soul and brings the imbalance of the status quo (of mind and reality)

We forgot what we are, it’s time to feeling again ourselves to tune with the nature through arts, that have the power to renew the essence of the human soul.

Will Paucar

Contemporary artist

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